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Explore the secrets of Earth, the Universe, and science with CANEBSCO's top science and nature magazines. All discounted for Canadian businesses and professionals.
1. Air & Space Smithsonian | 1 YR : 0007 Issues Per Year
Covers aviation and aerospace for a non-technical audience. Slanted to a technically curious audience. Emphasizes unique angles to aviation/aerospace stories, history, events, personalities, current and future technologies with a human-interest orientation.
EBSCO Price: $49.70 Add to cart

2. Discover | 1 YR : 0008 Issues Per Year
Discover magazine provides a comprehensive look into the latest news in the world of science and the effect it has on our everyday lives. Sure to satisfy the curiosity of your most inquisitive customers, Discover is a must-have magazine for your waiting room.
Cover Price: $59.90 | EBSCO Price: $36.85 | You Save: 38% Add to cart

3. Mother Earth News | 1 YR : 0006 Issues Per Year
Mother Earth News is the Original Guide to Living Wisely. Launched in 1970, each bimonthly issue of Mother Earth News features practical and money-saving information.
EBSCO Price: $39.76 Add to cart

4. National Geographic | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
National Geographic offers readers an exclusive perspective on the most interesting people and places in the world. Subscribe to this award-winning publication and give your customers the opportunity to travel the world from the comfort of your waiting room.
Cover Price: $71.88 | EBSCO Price: $55.14 | You Save: 23% Add to cart

5. National Geographic Kids | 1 YR : 0010 Issues Per Year
With a mix of fun facts, project ideas, games, and captivating photography, National Geographic Kids promises to keep your young customers entertained and informed. Order today and rest assured that you re providing a publication that children and their parents will both appreciate.
Cover Price: $49.90 | EBSCO Price: $33.60 | You Save: 33% Add to cart

6. National Wildlife | 1 YR : 0006 Issues Per Year
Treatment of America's wild creatures and places through full-color photo galleries, natural history features, outdoor adventure articles and news items of ecological concern. Conservation-minded magazine of nature and the environment.
EBSCO Price: $38.98 Add to cart

7. Natural History | 1 YR : 0010 Issues Per Year
Fascinating reading and spectacular photography of the natural world.
EBSCO Price: $39.76 Add to cart

8. Smithsonian | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
Customers who are intrigued by the latest research in science, history, arts and culture, innovation, and travel will be captivated by Smithsonian magazine. Order your waiting room subscription to this insightful publication from the legendary Smithsonian Institute for our low price today!
EBSCO Price: $78.10 Add to cart

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