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Do you love facts and stories of the how and why the way things are what they are? Enjoy Canada's largest selection of popular general interest reading magazines discounted for your waiting area.
1. Canadian Geographic | 1 YR : 0006 Issues Per Year
A unique magazine featuring the people, places, and beauty of Canada through award-winning articles, breathtaking photography, and original cartography. It brings you wildlife and wilderness, history, and geography. Canadian Geographic makes Canada better known to Canadians and to the world.
Cover Price: $35.70 | EBSCO Price: $28.50 | You Save: 20% Add to cart

2. Consumer Reports | 1 YR : 0013 Issues Per Year
Consumer Reports magazine is designed to help you make informed buying decisions when you are looking for cars, electronics, food, home appliances, health and much more. To make sure Consumer Reports information is unbiased, the magazine will not accept any type of advertising.
Cover Price: $64.87 | EBSCO Price: $36.27 | You Save: 44% Add to cart

3. Economist | 1 YR : 0051 Issues Per Year
The Economist is a trusted source of unbiased, in-depth coverage of the latest news in politics, business, science, technology, and, of course, the economy. Order your discount subscription today to ensure your customers will be entertained and informed while they wait.
Cover Price: $356.49 | EBSCO Price: $199.00 | You Save: 44% Add to cart

4. Economist - Incls Headphones | 1 YR : 0051 Issues Per Year
The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them.
EBSCO Price: $199.00 Add to cart

5. Harpers Magazine - Regular ed | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
Edited to cover current social, political, cultural, scientific and economic issues. It includes reporting, essays, fiction and memoirs by distinguished writers and promising new voices. It regularly features a statistical index, short cuts from international texts and analysis of current media.
Cover Price: $83.88 | EBSCO Price: $41.14 | You Save: 51% Add to cart

6. MacLeans Magazine | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
Examines the impact of Canadian and world news events, trends and issues from a Canadian perspective. Network of correspondents and bureaus across Canada and around the world contribute to weekly sections on politics, business, entertainment, sports, leisure, science, health and technology.
Cover Price: $257.40 | EBSCO Price: $24.95 | You Save: 90% Add to cart

7. National Geographic | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
National Geographic offers readers an exclusive perspective on the most interesting people and places in the world. Subscribe to this award-winning publication and give your customers the opportunity to travel the world from the comfort of your waiting room.
Cover Price: $71.88 | EBSCO Price: $55.14 | You Save: 23% Add to cart

8. National Geographic Kids | 1 YR : 0010 Issues Per Year
With a mix of fun facts, project ideas, games, and captivating photography, National Geographic Kids promises to keep your young customers entertained and informed. Order today and rest assured that you re providing a publication that children and their parents will both appreciate.
Cover Price: $49.90 | EBSCO Price: $33.60 | You Save: 33% Add to cart

9. National Geographic Little Kids | 1 YR : 0006 Issues Per Year
National Geographic Little Kids is an innovative magazine full of learning and fun for youngsters ages 3 to 6 and their parents. Bursting with lively photographs, engaging stories, and interactive picture games, each issue supplies you with fresh and imaginative teaching tools.
EBSCO Price: $27.00 Add to cart

10. New York | 1 YR : 0026 Issues Per Year
Critical examination of contemporary ideas. Deals with politics, business, psychology, the fine arts, entertainment, home furnishings, food, wine, fashion, and a range of subjects
Cover Price: $173.71 | EBSCO Price: $99.40 | You Save: 43% Add to cart

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