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Stay in touch with others who love the same hobbies and crafts you do. Professionals and businesses get discounted magazines for everything from woodworking to crochet. CANEBSCO carries the largest source of hobby and craft magazine subscriptions in Canada.
1. Artists Magazine | 1 YR : 0010 Issues Per Year
Colorful how-to magazine for artists, featuring step-by-step art instruction and advice on how and where to exhibit and sell artwork.
Cover Price: $59.90 | EBSCO Price: $45.38 | You Save: 24% Add to cart

2. Bank Note Reporter | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
Provides current prices for banknotes of the US and world. Active buy/sell marketplace for paper money collectors.
EBSCO Price: $79.49 Add to cart

3. Cigar Aficionado | 1 YR : 0006 Issues Per Year
Cigar Aficionado is not just about the taste of great smoke. It's about the knowledge and appreciation of cigars. Coverage includes dining, arts, entertainment, world travel, as well as great insights from the experts on the the world of sports, finance, and media.
EBSCO Price: $53.96 Add to cart

4. Coins Magazine | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
Features US coins accompanied by full-color photographs, collector columns, US world coin hobby news, US coin price guide covering most popular US coins. Hobby guide for novice or casual advanced collectors.
EBSCO Price: $63.87 Add to cart

5. Crochet World | 1 YR : 0006 Issues Per Year
Magazine chock-full of creative patterns for crocheted toys, dolls, doilies, clothing, afghans and more, fashioned with yarns and threads that are readily available. Readers have the benefit of easy-to-understand instructions and full-color photos. Also, included contests, tips/techniques, and Q&A.
EBSCO Price: $52.47 Add to cart

6. Crochet! | 1 YR : 0004 Issues Per Year
Crochet! magazine brings you today's most elegant and creative patterns, all original and never-before-published! You get the latest fashion looks in the newest yarns and threads, plus afghans, doilies, baby gifts and more! Easy-to-understand instructions and full-color photos make your crochet expe
EBSCO Price: $52.47 Add to cart

7. Family Handyman | 1 YR : 0009 Issues Per Year
The Family Handyman-Get the job done right with expert tips and complete DIY projects for every level-from seasoned pros to weekend DIYers!
Cover Price: $43.89 | EBSCO Price: $42.54 | You Save: 3% Add to cart

8. Fine Woodworking | 1 YR : 0007 Issues Per Year
The magazine for savvy woodworkers--from aspiring beginners to accomplished craftsmen. Contain stimulating design ideas, techniques and projects, ingenious tips and jigs, and great product reviews.
Cover Price: $55.93 | EBSCO Price: $52.47 | You Save: 6% Add to cart

9. Herb Quarterly | 1 YR : 0004 Issues Per Year
The Herb Quarterly brings readers the joy of herbs with each new season. Each issue introduces new herbs, provides tips on hard-to-grow varieties, recipes built around herbs, and much more.
EBSCO Price: $42.56 Add to cart

10. Just Crossstitch | 1 YR : 0007 Issues Per Year
America's premiere cross-stitch magazine, serves up fun cross-stitch projects in all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. Step-by Step projections in every issue!
EBSCO Price: $52.47 Add to cart

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