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Save up to 88 percent on the top current events and news magazines and newspapers for your waiting room. Get the lowest publisher authorized prices on The Wall Street Journal, Time, USA Today, Newsweek, The Economist, Jet, Mother Jones, The Nation, National Review, The Progressive and other current events, news, opinion and political publications.
1. American Prospect | 1 YR : 0004 Issues Per Year
Thoughtful views of America's progessive liberal Democratic issues, ideas, politics, and policy.
EBSCO Price: $56.73 Add to cart

2. Economist - Incls Headphones | 1 YR : 0051 Issues Per Year
The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them.
EBSCO Price: $199.00 Add to cart

3. MacLeans Magazine | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
Examines the impact of Canadian and world news events, trends and issues from a Canadian perspective. Network of correspondents and bureaus across Canada and around the world contribute to weekly sections on politics, business, entertainment, sports, leisure, science, health and technology.
Cover Price: $257.40 | EBSCO Price: $24.95 | You Save: 90% Add to cart

4. Mother Earth News | 1 YR : 0006 Issues Per Year
Mother Earth News is the Original Guide to Living Wisely. Launched in 1970, each bimonthly issue of Mother Earth News features practical and money-saving information.
EBSCO Price: $39.76 Add to cart

5. Nation - NY - without Index | 1 YR : 0034 Issues Per Year
The Nation is America s oldest weekly magazine and is independently published. The Nation speaks to an engaged audience as a champion of civil liberties, human rights, and economic justice.,
Cover Price: $118.44 | EBSCO Price: $82.36 | You Save: 30% Add to cart

6. New Republic | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
A journal of analysis and opinion. Facts and forecasts of current events. Reviews and essays on books, films, television, music and theatre.
EBSCO Price: $141.99 Add to cart

7. Saturday Evening Post | 1 YR : 0006 Issues Per Year
Saturday Evening Post has something for the entire family. A magazine containing fiction, humor and graphic elements of interest of the American family. Includes articles on volunteerism, health, exercise, fitness, and etc.
EBSCO Price: $65.23 Add to cart

8. Walrus - Canada | 1 YR : 0010 Issues Per Year
The Walrus launched in September of 2003 with a straightforward mandate: to be a Canadian general-interest magazine with an international outlook. We are committed to publishing the best work by the best writers from Canada and elsewhere on a wide range of topics for readers curious about the world.
Cover Price: $59.50 | EBSCO Price: $22.43 | You Save: 62% Add to cart

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