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Find team sports magazines like Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine and Canadian Sports, plus magazines covering the latest on basketball, soccer, football, and baseball. CANEBSCO provides discounted magazines for Canadian businesses and professionals.
1. Baseball Digest | 1 YR : 0006 Issues Per Year
Contains coverage of major league baseball year-round--including player profiles, features, trivia, a crossword puzzle, Rules Corner, a letter section for fans, in-depth statistics, and special issues covering World Series, upcoming big-league rookies, Player and Pitcher of the Year selections.
EBSCO Price: $76.61 Add to cart

2. Sports Illustrated | 1 YR : 0039 Issues Per Year
Sports Illustrated is the #1 source for sports news, featuring in-depth stories about prominent athletes and teams, coverage of the latest games, and more. Order this best-selling, weekly subscription today for your waiting room.
Cover Price: $279.44 | EBSCO Price: $69.95 | You Save: 75% Add to cart

3. Sports Illustrated for Kids | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED for KIDS magazine covers and highlights sports the way kids like it. Interviews with sports heroes. Hilarious comics. Awesome action photos and much, much more for the kid's mind and eye. Subscribe today.
Cover Price: $59.88 | EBSCO Price: $39.95 | You Save: 33% Add to cart

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